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                Steam Turbine Power

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                Pressure vessel

                Pressure vessel


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                Zhongshan Guang...


                Group profile

                Enterprise profile

                    Guangzhou Guangzhong Enterprise Group Corporation (Abbreviated GGEGC, Former:Guangzhou Heavy Machinery Works), was founded in 1948,and it is a core enterprise of heavy equipment industry in Guangzhou.As a main machinery enterprise in the southern part of China,GGEGC is competitive enough and has the largest scale,it also gets the title of “500 strongest enterprises of Chinese machinery industry” for many years.

                    GGEGC is one of those earliest companies that obtains the certificate of design and manufacture of AR1 grade pressure vessels issued by Labor Department and Ministry of Machinery Industry of PRC. And GGEGC also have the the ASME stamps of U、PP、U2、S and the qualification of steel network construction enterprise issued by Lloyd's Register of Shipping. Meanwhile it receive the certificate of ISO09001 and ISO09002 issued by CUC and own the independent right of own-operation to export and import. In order to make itself stronger, GGEGC introduce the  manufacture technology involving the American C-E Natco oil-gas-water separation system of maritime drilling platform ,the STG turbine and Germany shield tunneling machine of Herrenk.

                    The main products of GGEGC are shield tunneling machine, boiler, steam turbine, generator and involving petrochemical equipment, sugar and cement mill complete in sets equipment, environment protection equipment, paper-making equipment, centrifuge,large scale steel structure and various kinds of large scale casing. We also provide our customer the service of completing sets of projects.

                    GGEGC has the regional enterprise technology center with precise equipment,it also owns advanced measurement technique and rich manufacture experience,specially it is good at machining, welding and heat treatment. What’s more, GGEGC gets a high reputation in the field of stainless steel, alloy steel, Titanium, special-material vessels , cryogenic vessels, and openable pressure vessels. The steam turbines uses Skoda technology ,( which is highly efficient , in light weight and small in size), reach to the advanced level in the property, reliability, and auto-controlling comparing to similar STG products. )And the centrifuges in GGEGC have develop into various type and come into being  a large scale of products, of which the large top-suspended automatic centrifuge and GKH1600-N is one of the first-vision domestic products. Now the products of GGEGC is widespread all over the world, and  exported to more than 20 countries which enjoy a great popularity and reputation for its reliable quality and efficient, trustworthy service.

                    Firstly, GGEGC located in industrial road, Haizhu distribute, Guangzhou city,and in 2008,company moved to ZhongcunShibi road, Panyu distribute, Guangzhou. The new basement covers 200,000 m2  ,including 80,000 m2  workshop space. On Nov.2011 GGEGC merged and reorganized with  Electric Equipment Co. Ltd to get it’s industrial advantages and keep competitive . On Mar.2015, GGEGC purchased Dagang basement of China shipbuilding industry corporation (CSIC), which covers 465,000 m2  ,including 100,000 m2   workshop space, and this basement has 1500 tons capacity harbor nearby.  Right now, GGEGC has the advanced,efficient machining and measurement-testing equipment which ensure us to manufacture various equipment successfully including large scale and high-pressure vessels, petrochemical vessels, marine engineering equipment, large shield tunneling equipment, boiler, steam turbine below the 50MV, generator, combined heat and power generation equipment, biomass power generation equipment and garbage incineration power equipment.


                Product Center

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